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Our business motto is "Prompt" , "Accuracy" , "Economical"

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Features of Sanshin Industries

Achievement and History of SANSHIN for over 50 years


We have been primarily handling marine equipment since our foundation in 1965.

In the past 50 years, time-honored marine equipment has been modified according to the demand of the time.

As we literally witnessed these changes, we are happy and also proud of having been dealing with our core business until today in this changeable field.
Through these experience and knowledge, we would like to play an essential part in this business field ever after.

High Quality Products


By globalization of economy and technology, most of ironware is manufactured and sold in wide region of the world.
This is the era when people care about the origin of the products, and customers have various choices according to their tastes.

On the other hand, when it comes to marine transport, it is also true that MARPOL triggers more strict control, which imposes more duties and responsibilities to ship owners today.
Facing this situation, we, as a supplier, recognize that to supply high quality items without failure is the most important issue.

We believe safety navigation and environmental protection are called into question in our time.

Quick Delivery System


Today, as speedy and efficient economic activities are required, allocation of ships and navigation system are controlled by computers without any time loss in the sea transportation industry. To keep this efficiency, streamline and prompt delivery are essential.

We strive to achieve our aim and motto "ACCURACY" and "PROMPT" in actual delivery system.

We believe this trinity, "ACCURACY", "PROMPT" and "ECONOMICAL", is the most important principle of our service, at the same time, this is the very least service we have to provide to satisfy our customer to survive in this field.


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